Tell Congress to End Wildlife Trade

In the past 40 years, the worst human pandemics and epidemics — HIV, SARS, avian flu, swine flu, Ebola and Zika — all stemmed from trading or consuming animals and destroying their habitat.

The solution couldn't be clearer: End wildlife trade to reduce disease risk and save animals from overexploitation.

Join the more than 35,000 people who've already called on Congress to block trade now to save wildlife and help prevent future pandemics.

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Dear Congress:

COVID-19 is exposing how the primary drivers of the extinction emergency — exploitation of wildlife and habitat loss — are also fueling global pandemics. So I'm asking you to work with your colleagues in Congress right now and ban the wildlife trade that's endangering animals and people alike.

In the past 40 years, the worst human pandemics and epidemics — including HIV, SARS, avian flu, swine flu, Ebola, Zika and COVID-19 — have all stemmed from wildlife trade, consumption or habitat destruction. Wildlife shouldn't be commodities, especially when the trade puts us at risk of disease outbreaks.

Please — act now to halt the trade in wildlife that's endangering animals and people. We need decisive action to curb this global crisis.
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