Urge Candidates to Support the Saving Life on Earth Plan

We’re in the midst of a staggering wildlife extinction crisis. More than 1 million species are on track to go extinct in the coming decades, according to the United Nations. Many once-common species are now rare.

Confronting the world’s wildlife extinction crisis will require bold leadership from the United States and sweeping, high-impact initiatives.

Petition to Candidates:

I’m deeply concerned about the wildlife extinction crisis, and I’m counting on you to address it as part of your campaign.

More than 1 million species are on track for extinction in the coming decades, according to the United Nations. 

I’m urging you to commit to addressing the extinction crisis. Please support a plan that:

  1. Declares the global extinction crisis to be a national emergency and commits $100 billion to saving the diversity of life on Earth.
  2. Establishes 500 new national parks, wildlife refuges and national marine sanctuaries.
  3. Immediately provides $10 billion to save corals around the world, $10 billion to save neotropical birds in the western hemisphere and $10 billion to combat international wildlife trade.
  4. Restores the full power of the Endangered Species Act and quickly moves to protect all species that are endangered but not yet on the endangered species list.
  5. Makes dramatic cuts in pollution and plastics, increases efforts to stem wildlife exploitation and invasive species, and restores the United States’ leadership role in developing a global strategy for addressing wildlife extinctions.
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