Attend the Next Virtual Meeting to Stop Florida from Being Paved Over

This is your chance to speak up against the proposed destructive toll roads. We need you to attend the upcoming virtual public meeting to oppose this plan that will damage the last vestiges of rural Florida.

We know that our grassroots movement against the toll roads is working. Just last week, because the community consistently organized and never missed a chance to speak up, the Levy County Commission voted to oppose the proposed toll roads. 

Right now all we know is the meeting will take place during the week of April 27. 

When we find out more information, we will let you know as soon as possible but we can’t let the uncertainty stop us from planning to participate. Your voice to oppose the toll roads matters!

Sign up today if you want to participate in the upcoming public meeting to speak up against the destructive toll roads. 

Background: During the 2019 session, the Florida Legislature and Governor DeSantis passed a law to construct three new toll roads that will destroy large swaths of Florida’s last remaining rural lands, pollute waterways and threaten endangered wildlife including the iconic Florida panther.

If completed as proposed, 330 miles of toll roads could be constructed by 2030. Road building alone will immediately destroy more than 52,800 acres of undeveloped areas and promote unsustainable sprawl, destroying hundreds of thousands of additional acres.

*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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